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Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Simple Essence - PWP Product

The concept of The Simple Essence is just what it says - very simple - a perfume that features just one fragrance note, from a fine quality natural material. 

Many natural materials are richly complex and subtle even before they are blended. Good enough in fact to be a perfume all to themselves. 

The Simple Essence range includes a small selection of these simple notes - each is good enough to use alone - but they are also simple enough that you can layer them with one-another or add one to another perfume as you wear it. 

Fancy a change from your regular scent, even though you still love it? Try adding a little spritz of a Simple Essence over the top. 

Want to update your daytime scent for the evening but no time to change? Add a little sultry Jasmine Simple Essence to turn it into a unique party piece. 

All The Simple Essences are available in 30ml bottles and each contains just the pure essential oils and absolutes for which it is named in an alcohol base - there are no added fragrances of any kind - just a couple of additives to make the alcohol gentler on your skin. 

If you have bought this product or a sample of it - in any of the forms available in the range - and you would like to make comments about it, please do so here.

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