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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Artemis - PWP Product

Built around the unusual essential oil of Artemisia absinthium, with it’s unique herbal, dry scent and blue-green colour it gives a fresh opening to this distinctive cologne. Green mandarin provides sharpness with blackcurrant and freesia following on. 

The long-lasting dry-down reveals subtle dry overtones and the softness of sandalwood, white musk and a hint of pink pepper. 

Devana is a slightly heady, very fresh, clean and rather muscular interpretation of the key ingredient of Absinthe – presented here without the familiar aniseed note so that it can shine clearly through. Likely to appeal to fans of the Fougère style sharing as it does some of the characteristics of the classic masculine fragrance group, despite being made in an entirely novel way. 

Named for Slavic Goddess of the Hunt this is as sharp as one of her arrows yet as soft as the dry forest floor, fresh as a breeze rustling summer leaves. 

The turquoise blue colour of the cologne is a natural result of the essential oils used to make it, the shower gel is coloured to match. 

If you have bought this product or a sample of it - in any of the forms available in the range - and you would like to make comments about it, please do so here.

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