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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Equisetum - PWP Products

This is a classic, old-fashioned, very masculine fragrance in the aromatic Fougère style, given a couple of unusual twists. 

I've used maximum permitted proportions of oakmoss with the addition of a tiny amount of cucumber and a touch of cognac to give it an unusual lift. 

Warmth and depth from ambergris and sandalwood and intrigue from tobacco and mint plus some subtle floral hints complete the picture. 

The name by the way, comes from the latin name for an ancient genus of plants closely related to ferns, but known to gardeners everywhere as a tough and difficult weed! 

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  1. This review of Gin & Lime and Equisetum appears on Basenotes:

  2. Equisetum, Gorgeous. A classy scent, Alpha male. No mistaking it. Not on overbearing scent, a warm spice heart and leather with a clean crisp grip to it. Elegant.