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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Anjin - PWP Product

Citrus, spices and precious woods come together to make a lasting, special evening fragrance 

Designed to last the whole night through and into morning, this is a spicy, vigorous fragrance with plenty of complexity to hold your interest. 

Warmth and depth are provided by sandalwood and styrax with notes of pimento, corriander and clove to enliven them and subtle floral undertones to add intrigue. 

A fine cologne to accompany you on a sophisticated night out. 

If you have bought this product or a sample of it - in any of the forms available in the range - and you would like to make comments about it, please do so here.


  1. Anjin, is gamine and and effusive at first spray. Creates a wonderful aura of a flower garden without being a distinctly floral scent or sickeningly sweet. A light, fresh ,gently green citrus with hints of hay. The dry down is where it is better appreciated. A soft, musky vanilla sandalwood with a powdery finish. Just the barest hint of spice. Several hours later, a sweet freshly cut hay. Quite lovely.

    1. Hello SEA and thanks very much for taking time to review Anjin for me - I'm delighted that you are enjoying it!