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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Minted Mornings

Minted Mornings

A classy room fragrance and Eau de Toilette designed to freshen up in the morning, giving you a light minty-fresh lift at the start of the day. 

When you return later in the day though, the mintiness would no-longer be desirable - fear not, it will have faded away leaving a soft, warm, mellow scent to welcome you home. 

The top-notes include several varieties of mint, tea-tree and juniper to give you that bright start in the morning. Hidden beneath these, waiting for later are frankincense, sandalwood and light musk. 

As well as a room-scent this skin-safe perfume can be worn, so you can take that refreshing scent on your commute to work safe in the knowledge you won't smell like toothpaste all day! 

If you have bought this product or a sample of it - in any of the forms available in the range - and you would like to make comments about it, please do so here.

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