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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Sandalore and hair growth

Amazingly it was four years ago that I posted about then new research demonstrating that the sandalwood odourant known as Sandalore (a brand name belonging to Givaudan) could have beneficial effects in wound healing.

Now, the press (among others the Independent, Inverse and the Daily Mail) report that this same material can stimulate hair growth.  The research was originally published in Nature Communications where you’ll find a more sober assessment of the evidence.

Sandalore is a perfume ingredient not a medecine
At Pell Wall we sell Sandalore in small quantities and I suspect many buyers may be tempted to experiment on themselves or others with the material: if you’re not familiar with perfumery ingredients you need to know that this isn’t something you should be rubbing on your head (or anywhere else) in pure form.

All perfumery ingredients need appropriate dilution before they are safe for that kind of use and a typical cosmetic product scented with sandalwood will contain only a very small amount of perfume - perhaps 1% - 5% - and only a small proportion of that would be Sandalore.

So if you do plan to self-medicate with an ingredient like this, please proceed with caution and be aware that you do so entirely at your own risk: Pell Wall does not sell this or any material as a medicine or for any use other than as an ingredient in a perfume blended and diluted by a competent person.


  1. Bonjour:)

    je souhaite faire un shampoing avec le sandalore, comment dois je procéder, je vous ai acheté du sandalore (200mg), merci pour vos conseils

  2. pourriez vous me dire avec quoi je dois le melanger,avec de l'acool? de l'huile? en quelle quantité,merci:)

    1. Sandalore is soluble in most perfumery solvents as well as alcohol. I cannot offer any advice on medical uses of this or any product.

    2. its at around .001% - .005% in your total formula.. i found .001-.002% worked best! posted about how to dilute this amount on the basenotes forum somewhere in one of my posts. unfortunately i had already sold some of the research / one of a kind mixtures on my etsy (i want to resend the final formula to the original buyers as a thank you actually but im a bit strapped right now) actually the study i read they used no other odorant and i think they put it in a cream made with cetyl alcohol (not a pressed oil or anything unprocessed)
      i cant find the study i initially read, might be this one:
      i glanced at this one and its super technical and i cant remember reading it but i do remember reading parts of this so im not sure if this is the original article or not.
      anyway there is a famous aromatherapy study with oils for hair growth for alopecia with surprisingly positive results. i had much success myself using sandalore for hair growth, it improved the amount of new growth and sustained the length. my problems are health and balance based and not alopecia but i did find the formula i blended with essential oils to be effective if not due to the oils themselves due to the daily massaging of the scalp, and the cleansing of the scalp with alcohol and essential oils, although i do believe some of the better quality essential oils i would use sometimes when i would reformulate would work better physiologically (ive not ever used all therapeutic grade oils in the entire formula since i havent specifically sourced them)
      the oils to use in the blend are up to you but of course the famous ones in the study were rosemary, thyme, cedar atlas, and lavender. i did not find this method of rubbing the diluted oils into my scalp daily worked and i have long hair, it was awful actually. i found diluting the sandalor in alcohol, and adding essential oils to this mixture in the proper dose worked best, spraying the solution on my scalp, rubbing it in. it is very realxing, cleansing and when used daily it worked very well. i used some pepermint and geranium in my blend with rosemary and lavender. keep the sandalore down to .001-.003% is my recommendation...but im not a scientist or a doctor! im just an avatar on the internet...!

  3. Hello. Can i blend with fractionated coconut oil. What is the best dilution percent for hair growth. Thank you very much

    1. Sandalore is soluble in fractionated coconut oil. I cannot offer any advice on medical uses of this or any product.

  4. Sandalore® 1% ameliorated clinical signs of telogen effluvium, namely it reduced hair shedding, and increased hair volume and the percentage of anagen HFs, the latter two parameters significantly more than placebo when changes were calculated to baseline. Sandalore® also increased the ratio of terminal/vellus hairs at week 8. Most of the anti‐hair shedding effects were seen after 8 weeks and maintained at week 24. Patient questionnaire showed that verum group patients were more satisfied than the placebo group in regard to the overall results.

    Topical odorant application of the specific olfactory receptor OR2AT4 agonist, Sandalore®, improves telogen effluvium‐associated parameters

    Francisco Jimenez MD
    Esmeralda López MD
    Marta Bertolini PhD
    Majid Alam PhD
    Jérémy Chéret PhD
    Gill Westgate PhD
    Fabio Rinaldi MD
    Barbara Marzani PhD
    Ralf Paus MD

    First published: 09 July 2020

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