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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wood Smoke

Anyone who has ever sat around a campfire will have memories associated with the smell of wood-smoke, hopefully good ones . . .

If like me you also have the good fortune to have an open fire at home, you may have shared my disappointment that you don’t really ever get the same effect indoors - in fact I find myself going outside on winters evenings just to appreciate the scent of the wood burning in our fire as it drifts across the night-time garden.  OK so that is slightly barmy I admit, but I bet I’m not the only one.

And of course if you do end up with the smoke indoors - when a log rolls off the grate and onto the hearth for example - you quickly appreciate what a fine job the chimney is doing after all and hastily get the tongs and put the log back where it belongs.

I’ve been working for a while on making a fragrance that would give the ability to have that lovely scent of wood-smoke indoors without any . . . well, smoke.  I’ve got it as a Room Spray at the moment and I’m wondering about a Reed Diffuser too - any views?

Watch this space for an announcement when I’ve something ready to sell - I’m just going into consumer testing mode now to make sure it isn’t just me that likes it.

I’m pleased to report that you can now buy Woodsmoke Room Spray via the Home Fragrance page of the website.  Thus far I’ve not had much in the way of votes for a reed diffuser version so that remains on the back, um, burner . . . for the time being.


  1. I had a go with some of Adam's white birch (although it does tend to overwhelm everything in sniffing distance).

    1. It does - even to make a woodsmoke fragrance you only need a very small proportion - as I expect you already know though, the stuff Adam sells is crude and to be IFRA compliant you need the rectified version (not quite so good actually, but still incredibly smoky).

  2. Woodsmoke room fragrance now available on the website in two sizes as pictured in the edited version of this original blog post.