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Monday, 9 April 2012

Persian Prince - The Spring Flowers Collection - PWP Product

This is a smooth, subtle interpretation of hyacinth - this naturally rather brash flower is here tamed and made easier to wear - in composing this scent I imagined blue hyacinths though even within one colour of flower the scent varies with the variety grown. I couldn't get the fragrance to go blue without bunging in a load of artificial colour, so I had to settle for green! 

In this composition there is some very low-key white musk underneath to help the scent last and a little lemon on top to keep it bright, but nothing to interfere with the clear hyacinth scent. A perfect daytime fragrance that isn't too sweet and can be worn by anyone. 

The name by the way reflects the use of hyacinth in the traditional Persian / Iranian new year celebration as one of the Seven S's or Haft Seen - the Persian name for hyacinth being sonbol. 

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  1. Hi I just want to ask if this perfume is for men or women? Thanks.

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    1. Hello,
      Thanks for the enquiry, when I designed it I intended Persian Prince to be a unisex scent, but in practice, being distinctively floral, it is mainly worn by women.

      Hope that helps,