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Monday, 9 April 2012

Deep Purple - The Spring Flowers Collection - PWP Product

Deep Purple by Pell Wall

One of the great classics of perfumery violet perfumes have been popular since the 17th century for the distinctive, sweet, floral aroma. Violet is combined with other scents in many, many fragrances but here I wanted to allow it to shine alone. 

You'll recognise immediately the 'parma violets' character of the scent, though this isn't as sweetly candied as the little sweets themselves. The tiny sweet violet flowers are not so widely grown now, but the scent from them is delicious when you get close to the flower - this fragrance makes that available with no need for crawling about in the garden. 

The violet fragrance is built up from a variety of ingredients, many of which are naturally extremely long-lasting, supported by some dry wood and moss to give it context, depth and a more muscular character: A perfect violet scent that isn't too sticky-sweet and can be worn by a woman on any occasion or by a man as a bold statement.

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