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Monday, 25 March 2013

Introduction to Aroma Chemicals Kits

Aroma-chemicals Blending Kit by Pell Wall
I've been asked a few times whether I have perfumery materials, especially the synthetics, available in small amounts for amateur perfumers and indeed for perfume collectors who want to learn more about what makes up the notes in their favourite perfumes.  I'm often asked what I would recommend for people who have already explored the widely available natural materials and now want to make a foray into synthetics, but struggle with the huge range and difficulties of availability.

In response to these I posted some time ago suggesting which materials I believed would be best to start with and what other equipment you need.

I've now put together a kit of 56 materials that newcomers to synthetics can use to educate themselves about the available options and explore the wonderful range of scent effects that can be achieved with them, which is available through the web-shop where you can also explore the detailed scent descriptions and other information on some 400 or so different aromatic materials used in perfumery that are for sale.

Aroma-chemicals Discovery Kit by Pell Wall
I'm making the materials available in two sets Discovery and Blending. Both feature the same selection of 56 materials (listed at the end of this post).

The Discovery Kit is intended to enable a wide range of materials to be explored at a reasonable cost and comes in 5ml bottles. This set is ideal if you want to get a better idea of what is in the fragrances you collect or if you are a beginning perfumer, wondering whether or not to add synthetics to your palette.  Most materials are supplied pure but some, either for ease of handling or because they are very powerful, are diluted as specified in the list.

The Blending Kit is a bit more expensive, suited to perfumers who already know they want to work with synthetics as well as naturals but may not be sure what to buy or able to afford large amounts of everything they would like to use.  It provides enough of each material to enable full exploration of its potential in blending so that you can discover how they interact with each-other and with your existing naturals.  Each of the 56 materials comes in a protective cobalt blue 30ml bottle and several more are also presented pure or at a higher concentration than in the Discovery Set.  The bottles come with a plain cap for shipping but bulb-pipettes can be supplied to go with them on request.

These are materials that I use myself and that are widely used in commercial perfumery at the same grade that professional perfumers use.

Ingredients in the kits:

Aldehyde C10 - Decanal 10%

Aldehyde C12 MNA 10% (1%)
Allyl amyl glycoate
Ambrettolide (10%)
Ambrofix 10%
Aroma Chemicals Blending Kit by Pell Wall
Aurantiol (10%)
Benzyl Salicylate
Calone liquid
Castoreum (synthetic) 1%
Cinnamic alcohol 50%
Civet (synthetic) 0.1%
Cyclamen Aldehyde (10%)
Ethyl linalool
Ethyl Maltol @1%
Ethyl Vanillin @10%
Ethylene Brassylate
Exaltolide 50%
Floralozone (10%)
Geranyl Acetate
cis-3-Hexenol (10%)
Indole 10%
Ionone beta
Iso e super
Linalyl Acetate
Aroma-chemicals Discovery Kit by Pell Wall
in it’s Really Useful Box
Methyl anthranylate 50% (10%)
Norlimbanol 50% (10%)
Orange Terpenes (d-limonene)
Orange Power 2%
Oranger Crystals 10%
Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol
Rose Givco 217
Rose Oxide 1%
Vanillin 10%
Velvione (10%)
Veramoss / Evernyl 10%

All materials are full strength unless a percentage is given and the percentages in brackets apply only to the Discovery Kits (smaller bottles) with the higher strength included in the Blending Kit.

Please feel free to email me at with any questions or to discuss your requirements.  I can quote on request for a Blending kit with fewer materials too.

Discovery Kit of 56 Aroma Chemicals


Blending Kit of 56 Aroma Chemicals



  1. The Discovery Kit which Chris Bartlett has here assembled is quite unique and a fantastic resource for anyone with a real interest in perfumery.
    The 50+ aroma chemicals contained in the kit have all been thoughtfully selected and cover a good range of ingredients commonly found in modern perfumes: from the gloriously animalic civet and castoreum synthetics, to the freshly mown grass of Cis-3-Hexenol and the seemingly ubiquitous Ethyl Maltol and Iso E Super.
    Having spent a few months familiarising myself with the contents of this kit, I have noticed a definite improvement in my ability to analyse perfumes. This, in turn, has deepened my fascination with them yet further.

    Highly recommended for fragrance fanatics!

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