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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Special Edition fragrance: Deco

I'm starting something new today - an irregular series of Special Edition fragrances - each is a one-off or very small edition (never more than ten) of a special fragrance.  Each is sold in an interesting bottle, perhaps an antique or collectable bottle from years gone by, perhaps a beautiful art glass container originally sold empty but always something a bit special.
Deco: A Pell Wall Special Edition

The first of these is Deco and it will be on sale, to just one or two lucky buyers, at Big Red's House art gallery in Whitchurch Shropshire.

I've made just enough of the fragrance to fill the bottles you see here including a tester, plus a reference sample that I'll keep. Of course the buyer of the fragrance will be able to purchase a re-fill should they wish to - I have the formula for Deco safely stored away - but it won't be available for anyone else (though I do reserve the right to produce a further Special Edition featuring Deco, on a similarly tiny scale and sold in a different bottle, at a different concentration).

A Pell Wall Special Edition is almost like having a bespoke fragrance made just for you.

Deco recalls the classic scents like Channel No 5 and L'Air du Temps from the first half of the 20th Century but with an unusual twist: in Deco as well as the lovely bergamot top notes and smooth, floral and aldehydic tones you might expect, you'll find the unique spicy-floral scent from the rare and precious oil called Plai: Zingiber cassumunar a member of the ginger family from Thailand where it is widely used as a therapeutic oil.  In addition to the characteristic spiciness of ginger it has a lemon-floral character that brings something quite special to this complex fragrance, which also features notes of narcissus, rose, carnation and orange flower on a base composed with sandalwood, ambergris, vanilla and musk.

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  1. Thanks for this post, Chris! Well, the perfume bottle designs are really beautiful. Especially that one that has atomizer—it looks vintage, yet classy. I remember one of my mother’s perfume bottle collections. :-)
    Rob Feckler