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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Pell Wall Perfumes has visitors

I’m very lucky in my working environment.  The perfumery itself has a large patio door overlooking the front garden, which in turn overlooks the quiet lane and fields beyond.  Occasionally that results in some interesting visitors and last week as I sat at the Perfumer’s Organ working on a commission for a client, up pops this chap:

Hello, what goes on in here then?
I got up to get a closer look:

Got any perfumes for birds?
He didn’t seem much bothered by me taking pictures, so I watched what he’d do next.

This pot is a perfect match for my plumage.
I think I’ll just stand here and look gorgeous for a bit . . . 
It wasn’t long though before his Mrs turned up to look for him:

Well? Did you get me a nice perfume then?
She soon had him concentrating on more important matters and I got this last picture through the kitchen window as they settled in under the bird feeding station to clear up the seeds dropped by the goldfinches eating above them.

Jolly good nosh at this perfumery.
Could have called it the Pell Wall Pheasant Cafe really couldn’t they?


  1. I love this Chris! We have a pheasant (Percy, he's been named) who visits us, and is no longer wary of either us, the cats or the dogs - the latter in fact have become very blasé about his presence. It's great having the wildlife to keep you going while you work!

  2. Very glad you enjoyed it. It is one of the delights of working at home and in a rural setting.

    The only downside with the regular presence of the pheasants is that the male will insist on shouting every so often to let everyone know he’s here: not a problem in the day, but very annoying at 5.30 in the morning when he’s up and I’m not!